The Millennials of today are thought to be self-centered and careless. However, they have a huge impact on the market. Their likes, dislikes, trends, lingos, work, and leisure all affect the economy. They are fast learners and don't hesitate to try something new. They not only want luxury but also value for their money. Their rebellious and practical approach makes the brands that cater to their needs, to craft their products and services in a new and innovative manner.

The millennials are not driven by fake promises and unrealistic solutions. Their choice is unique and classy. They despise the ordinary and strive for nothing but perfection. Their care free and taking the life as it is attitude is admired by all. Keeping this attitude in mind, The Celebrated Rebel was born. We understand the mind-set of the Celebrated Millennials and have infused that attitude into the apparels that we manufacture. We ensure that the clothes that we design cater to all the needs and requirements of the Millennials.

The fabric, the design, the look, and even the feel of the fabric is carefully chosen and combined to make a unique product. The wide range of Celebrated Rebel apparels is crafted to serve dual purpose - comfort and movability. Also it is a fine blend of high quality and style of street fashion. The Rebel makes sure that these ensembles are manufactured in an eco-friendly way.

A millennial becomes a Celebrated Rebel when his acts and skills serve dual purpose. First to bring a positive change to the world and secondly this change should not leave any negative impact in the long run.

July 11, 2023 — Aniket Singh